Sundown Massage is a Massage Therapist in El Paso, TX

Welcome to Sundown Massage, your premier destination for massage therapy services in El Paso, TX and the surrounding area. As a massage therapist, I provide an impressive variety of massage therapy services all in one place and go above and beyond your expectations, ensuring that one simple call gets you the customized, personalized massage that you need for relaxation, pain relief, and rejuvenation.

I perform deep tissue massage, traditional relaxation massage, time-tested Swedish massage, full body massages, and more. I also provide the services of a sports massage therapist to help your body heal and recuperate after hard exercise and training so that you can recover faster and get back to your training sooner and feeling better. I am also a reflexologist, offering reflexology services that deliver a soothing massage to specific pressure points in your feet that can create stress relief and pain control throughout your entire body. I also offer an aromatherapy service, a soothing and relaxing experience to help you shed the stress and fatigue of a long day. With mobile massage and in-home massages I can deliver a premium massage experience with the convenience you deserve.

I have completely renovated my entire home to create a day spa. It is very modern, clean, and private. I have showers fresh towels, toiletries, and anything you might need. I only do appointments and ask about gift certificates and incentives to repeat customers. I work seven days a week and I love what I do.

Sundown Massage has all the tools, resources, and expertise to handle all of your massage needs in one convenient place for one affordable price. Formerly practicing in Las Vegas, I bring more than seventeen years of experience and the highest quality products and facilities to ensure that I can create a massage approach uniquely and specifically designed to address your particular needs and interests. Contact Sundown Massage today and I'll give you a comprehensive description of all the services and products I offer for soothing massage therapy that will help you feel better and ready to take on the world again.

Disclaimer: There is only a male therapist available

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